10 Keto Friendly Treats You Can Buy

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10 Keto Friendly Snacks You Can Buy

I think part of the reason that following a Ketogenic diet has worked so well for me is because I like being in the kitchen cooking, baking, experimenting and coming up with great Keto substitutions. But this is not always an option for me, and I am sure there are plenty of people out there who cannot dedicate that kind of time and energy to their food. Over the past couple years, I have been able to find lots of great Keto treat options to get me through those munchy, snacky, sweet-toothy times.

Every snack on this list is something that requires 0 prep and can be taken to go. Having easy-to-grab snacks is SO important for sticking you your eating plan. While some of the things on this list may be classified as “dirty keto” or less than ideal ingredients or whatever else someone doesn’t like about them… Sometimes having some easy snacks around can help you make smarter choices.

And as you already know, a majority of your diet should consist of whole, fresh foods and not too many processed, pre-packaged things. While all the items on this list can work well with your macros, some of them should be used in moderation.

  1. Smart Sweets 

While this list is in no particular order, Smart Sweets are my #1 favorite treat. The serving size is one entire bag and is only 80 calories. You can find them at Target, Whole Foods, and some supplement stores. Or you can always snag them on Amazon.

2. Quest Protein Chips

The protein chips are such a great snack! After being Keto for so long, sometimes I just want something CRUNCHY. These chips fill that crunchy want perfectly. I have bought these for about $2 per bag at Walmart or Winco, or you can get them on Amazon.

3. Lily’s Chocolate

These chocolate bars are 2 servings per bar, but when I am craving something sweet, a little goes a long way. These are a total staple in my house. When I am feeling like I need something sweet to get me through a craving I can snack on a block or two and stick with my diet plan. You can find Lily’s at Target, Whole Foods and of course Amazon.

4. Quest Hero Bars

I use these bars as more of a meal replacement than a little snack. I keep these on hand for busy days when I don’t have time for a real meal. I try my hardest to not get too hungry, or else it gets harder to stick to my meal plan. These have saved me from questionable decisions many times. They are also great for traveling when you know great Keto options will be hard to come by. You can find these everywhere, and on Amazon.

5. Chomps

I keep Chomps meat sticks around in beef and turkey varieties. Beef for when I need a little more fat and turkey for when I need more protein without the fat. Beef Jalepeno is my very favorite! I buy these at Trader Joe’s or through Amazon.

6. Halo Top

Sharing a pint of Halo Top while catching up on shows with my husband is my favorite hobby. You may need to sample a few varities to find the ones you like. Our favorites are mint chip and sea salt caramel.

7. Choc Zero

If I had to choose between Choc Zero is my very favorite Keto chocolate, although Lily’s is easier to to find in stores. It comes in individually wrapped blocks and tastes delicious! My favorite flavor is milk chocolate hazelnuts. You can get these on Amazon.

8. Pork Rinds

Pork rinds can be such a great Keto friendly snack, but you have to get the good ones! The 4505 brand is my favorite and you can usually find them at Costco for about $7 for a giant bag. World Market is a great place to look for different high quality brands and flavors but you can get pork rinds at any grocery store.

9. Moon Cheese

Moon Cheese is great for a quick salty snack. They also work great for adding some crunch to a salad. You will often find me with a bag in the car to snack on while I am out running errands. You can get a big bag at Costco, but they only have the cheddar. You can find Moon Cheese just about everywhere and on Amazon.

10. Quest Cookies

These cookies are BIG and I use them more as a meal replacement than a snack. Although if you want to break it into pieces they work great as a snack. I love the chocolate chip or double chocolate chip varieties. If you were feeling extra indulgent, you could even eat your cookie with some Halo Top! You can buy these just about everywhere and on Amazon.

What are your favorite go to Keto snacks and treats? Do you reach for any of these pre-packaged snacks and treats? What am I missing and need to add to my list?

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