My Top 5 Tips to Sticking with a Workout Plan

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5 Tips for Sticking to Your Workout Plan
  1. Find something you enjoy doing! Believe it or not, exercising doesn’t have to be torture! There are so many great gyms and classes out there. If you love dancing, consider something like High Fitness. If you need the group environment to get moving, look into OrangeTheory Fitness or most gyms offer group classes. If you are just getting started and a gym feels too intimidating start walking and/or jogging. Maybe sweeten the deal and bring a friend. Youtube is also a great free resource for finding workouts you can do at home. My point is, TRY NEW THINGS! If you don’t like what you’re doing, it will never last. Find an exercise routine you don’t dread sticking to
  2. Set short term, realistic goals! When it comes to staying motivated, it is so helpful to feel like you are making progress and hitting your goals. If you go into your exercise program saying, “I am going to lost 50 pounds!” You might be disappointed when you are 6 weeks in, working hard and not there yet. Set short term, realistic goals even if you know that BIG goal is still what you’re ultimately reaching for. A realistic goal might be, “I am going to lose 8 pounds in 4 weeks!” That’s not an easy goal, you’ll still have to work hard, but its probably attainable. Sometimes people focus so hard on those long term goals, they forget that losing 8 pounds is going to feel really good!
  3. Bring a friend! Whether you are going to 6am workouts or pushing the baby in a stroller, working out is always more fun with a friend. Some people thrive on having a friend to encourage them to get out the door. Some people love being the friend that drags someone else along for a new class. I always love when my workout doubles as my social time.
  4. Reward your progress! Girl (or boy). YOU WORK HARD. Reward yourself for all that hard work! You deserve it. And please, don’t make that reward food or a treat. If you ran your first ever 5k, maybe it’s time to splurge on a pedicure for your tired feet. You lost those 8 pounds? Maybe you need some new jeans to show off all your hard work. Whether you are rewarding BIG goals with BIG rewards or little goals with a bubble bath, take some time to celebrate your success.
  5. Change it up! If you used to love running on a treadmill while watching The Bachelor but now you dread stepping on that machine, it might be time to change it up. If you find yourself skipping classes or missing workouts change it up! Like I said before, there are SO many options out there to be totally bored with your routine. Also, if you find yourself plateaued with your goals, you may consider adding more cardio or weight lifting to your routine to take your fitness to the next level.

What are your favorite tips and tricks to stick to your exercise plan? Am I missing anything? What are your greatest struggles and how have you learned to overcome them?

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